Caroline’s Dirty 30!

Have you ever heard of the “Dirty 30”? It is an adult cake smash sensation sweeping the social media nation! So I’m sure you have seen the professionally photographed one year old cake smashes. I think they started over 14 years ago, since we had a mini cake for my oldest to “smash” although for her is was more like a “cake pinch”.  We’ve all seen the pictures, almost everyone is doing them, but some clever person thought why just leave this up to babies, why can’t adults smash cakes too? Thus was born the #adultcakesmash.


I guess most people who are doing these are 30, now being called the #dirty30, though I have seen them for 35, 40 and even 26 (yeah that’s a little random) but listen everyone of every age deserves a cake smash!


Honestly, I’m a little jealous that this phenomenon has been tagged the “dirty 30” because I will be 40 in a few weeks and I see no reason this can’t happen on my birthday too (even though I am GF, maybe an ice cream cake?). But seriously, if I had a person who was 95, that wanted to do a cake smash, I would proudly photograph it, and think that was the coolest 95 year old on the planet. So, let us progress through the cake smash that is “Caroline’s Dirty 30!”


This is my friend Caroline, she is a hoot! I love this girl, even though we are 10 years apart in age, we more like 9.5 years, we have one big thing in common, WE LOVE BEING SILLY!


Cake smashes are usually accompanied by some bubbly or beer, of course my friends keep it classy with bubbly.


It certainly is not required to have alcohol for a cake smash, the most important of all requirements is a good sense of humor!


Look at that cake! I feel like I can smell it, you?


As awkward as it is to start smashing cake on your own face, as an adult…


…you just have to dive in….


…fist-fulls are best…


…directly off the serving tray is a good option too.


Clean-up is pretty tasty too. And when all is said and done, and you feel you have enough pictures…


Show them just how big you are! #dirty30!


Thank you to my friend Caroline for all the fun and amazing pictures. These pictures were originally noticed by the Washington post for an article they were working on about adult cake smashes. But after contacting us, they did not respond to our returned emails and the article was posted without us. But all is not lost, we then caught the eye of DC Refined  a Washington DC online newspaper who posted a few of their favorite pictures on their website, where we are more than happy to be. Then I got an inquiry from the Daily Mail who also picked up the story and featured one of Caroline’s pictures.

If you are interested in an adult cake smash, or any other fun photoshoot like Halloween pictures, or some other creative thing please contact us here on our contact page!