Clickin Walk Savannah 2016

Today, my mom, sister and I went on our first #clickinwalk in Savannah #clickinwalk2016. While it wasn’t what we expected we had a great time and took lots of pictures. Since I graduated from SCAD I wanted to get there a little early and go to the SCAD bookstore, so we kind of started our “clickin walk” early. We went to the bookstore where I finally got a SCAD Alumni shirt and a few other goodies, some to take home to the kids. The building below is just one of the older buildings that SCAD has restored and uses as part of their campus. ClickinWalk_Savannah_1

After leaving the bookstore we thought we would try to get a picture of the bridge, although we could see it, we couldn’t get to a good spot for a photo. So we walked around a little and I found this graffiti. It reminded me of my oldest daughter so I got this picture which is one of my favorites.


As we walked back to the parking garage to unload the purchases from the bookstore I got the next shot. I had decided early one I wanted to try and get photos of all the American flags flying, but this one was by far my favorite.


After dropping the things at the car, we headed down to meet up with our group, but we all figured we should hit a bathroom first after all we were 30 minutes early. So we walked to Starbucks to potty. While I was waiting on my mom and sister to get back for their drinks I saw this girl. She had a nice dress on, a little feathered thing in her hair and sitting on this very plush looking seat and I couldn’t resist breaking the camera out to get her. I really like the color version, but the black and white is so dramatic and makes her stand out more. I posted both, you can tell me which one you like better.


So we left Starbucks, and met up with the group. We started in Reynolds Square, there wasn’t much there to get photos of but this little theatre caught my eye.


There was also this guy playing the trumpet, though he didn’t play long. Every time I went to get his photo he stopped playing (not because I was trying to get his picture) I was standing behind him, I had an idea of the photo I wanted and this is about as close as I could get to my vision without me standing on a wall looking down on him…awkward…


This is about the only thing I found in bloom with the exception of a few hydrangeas, but if you have followed me for any length of time you know I have all the hydrangea photos I need and they are from my grandmother’s house so they mean more than some in a park in Savannah. So I left the hydrangeas for the other photogs.


On the way to the next square (which we were going to have to skip for a wedding taking place there) this Budweiser box sitting alone atop of a set of stairs caught my eye.


The next thing to catch my eye was this bar (with the best name ever in my opinion) “Abe’s on Lincoln” this is on Lincoln Street. I think I was the only one amused by this…


When I caught up to the group they were stopped at a parking garage that had some very colorful plants in a planter on the wall. With all the photos going on in this small area, I had to sneak in to get this shot. Turns out it is another of my favorites. I like the juxtaposition of the very red and very dark right side that is divided by a wrought iron bar with all the pastel flowers and light off the street on the left.


From the opposite direction I was able to get this shot of the pastel flowers only.


We headed on down the parking garage a little ways when my mom spotted this car, she assumes that it is a SCAD student that owns it. Although not my taste, it makes for an interesting photo, and after all that is why we had come to Savannah! So I snapped!


We made it to the next square, where indeed a wedding was about to start. One of the people in our group noticed the bride and her dad hiding behind this wall covered in greenery. I was pretty far away, and this is not a technically great photo, but I had to capture them as they waited…obviously I was spotted.


So instead of crashing their wedding, we moved on. As we headed to another square I saw this shutter pattern that I liked.


And these multicolored shutters…


At the square this was the only thing I found interesting to get a photo of. This square didn’t offer much and some of the group started chatting. I was here to take pictures though, so I kept looking for things to photograph.


That’s when I saw this bike. I love the isolation of the bike here. I had to shoot quickly in between cars driving past.


After the group decided to go again we headed to the park near the river. Again, there wasn’t much to get photos of. I tried. Of this area Melissa and Andrew were my favorite capture…


Half of the group decided to change the place we were going to go for dinner. Originally we were going to eat on River Street, which we had been waiting for so we could go to the sweet shop. Since we were no longer eating there we decided we would go on down there to get some pictures and candy. Savannah has the best pralines (says my mom) and I like their salt water taffy. Most of the group chose not to go with us and stayed behind. So, we decided to take a few more pictures and go to the originally planned restaurant “The Cotton Exchange Tavern”.


We saw this decorated post, and this interesting fellow. Actually, I saw him multiple times throughout the day.


Then a small parade of Volkswagens came down the street. How could I resist? I was literally standing in the middle of the road to get this one, with the tricycle on top.


We found the candy!




We learned that many of the stores in Savannah (in the historic district) have false fronts. When businesses wanted to open in these older buildings they were told they would not be allowed to destroy any of the historical building fronts. They could build a false front instead. Many of them did, but more and more are going back to the original. This shows part of the false front coming down and showing the historical brick underneath coming through. Yep that is me in the reflection.


While we waited for dinner, we saw many interesting people, and many prom dates, but this girl was stunning! I quickly grabbed my camera to get her picture. Unfortunately, or fortunately a woman walked in front of me. I was still able to capture this young girl, but not her date. I’m sure he was nice, but SHE is the reason I snapped the picture.


After dinner we still had plenty of light, but not plenty of energy. I did find snap this picture of the historical steps that we headed up to go back to our car. As is typical in a college town, someone had to be funny. Thankfully they ruined a sign and not the historical stairwell.


Earlier in the day, I had wanted to get pictures of these fish. The group started moving before I could get to them, but they were next to our parking garage. Mom had the energy to go to the park and wait on me to get this picture…


and this one…


Then we headed back to the car. But I saw this interesting whatchamacallit. So I snapped…


And as luck would have it, this horse and buggy went by with what appeared to be two fathers taking their daughters to a dance or event in their dress blues! SCORE!! A fine way to end the day!