May the 40th be with you!

A short time ago, I did a #DirtyThirty #CakeSmash photoshoot for a friend. We had a blast doing it, and my family decided I needed one for my fortieth. I had no idea this was planned, and my husband and I had just returned from our 20th anniversary cruise. We had LITERALLY just returned and were picking our girls up from my parents house when all of a sudden my sister pulls up with balloons, this AMAZING t-shirt, and a cake was on it’s way. Well I was totally unprepared, We had just gotten off the ship, drove 3 hours, I had not taken a shower yet nor put on any makeup. But, I am always game for a fun photoshoot so I donned some makeup, put on my new shirt and tutu, grabbed the balloons and the photoshoot commenced.

I’m sure you will be able to tell from the photos that I had a good time, the cake was delicious, even though I had to be careful not to actually eat the cake (at least not much) since I am gluten free – the cake was not.

Full disclosure, the pictures were taken by my mom and by my sister. I took the raw files and did my own edits here. They edited theirs the way they saw fit.