Piggy Prom

Tonight is “Piggy Prom” as it is affectionately called at Fort Clarke Middle School, where when you become an 8th grader you are a part of “Fat City” and a now referred to as Pigs. It has been this way since I attended there many years ago. Although, when I attended there we had a dance, nothing fancy, Sunday dresses mostly. This is my daughter and a few friends that came to my house for pre-prom photos (don’t you love that both boys are wearing pink!)

PiggyProm_GroupIGPiggyProm_Talla1_SharePiggyProm_Talla2_SharePiggy PromPiggyProm_Nathan_sharePiggyProm_Tyler_share

My daughter and I stayed up late making this sign for the photoshoot.


Besides #piggyprom2016 do you know what else today is?? That’s right #nationaldoughnutday!! I couldn’t see the point in taking prom pictures without also including some Krispy Kreme doughnuts!


And when one of your friends is a 7th grader and can not go to prom, but wants to help you get ready, she joins in in the doughnut fun. #sunsouttonguesout


Hope everyone has a safe and fun #piggyprom on #nationaldoughnutday !