St. Augustine Photowalk

While I was on the photographers reunion trip we went on the guided photowalk. The idea of this particular walk is to teach people learning their cameras a few tips, while also giving them tips on how to get a good photo of some St. Augustine’s sites. Our group however, were all very comfortable with our cameras, and in aspects of shooting from different angles. There were also 22 of us, a little overwhelming for the guides, I think. They did a great job dealing with all of us, and realizing they could show us the purpose of each stop, and we would do whatever we wanted anyway. Our first stop was the #BridgeofLions. There were two exercises here, the first was to use parts of the lion to hide background distractions. Behind the first lion is a light post that you can hide by positioning it behind the lion.

The second exercise was to try and get in and get details.

We also practiced backlighting and sun flare.

The next stop were these chains on the way to the #CastillodeSanMarcos. The idea here was to practice depth of field. Here you can see the chains in the foreground, and a hint of Castillo de San Marcos in the background.

The next stop was the fort, also known as the #CastillodeSanMarcos where we worked on the rule of thirds.

The next two stops on our walking tour were the old gates to the city, and the #oldestschool house. The idea here was prospective, and getting pictures from different angles.

The next stop on our tour was the #LightnerMuseum, here we were supposed to practice symmetry. This was not my favorite theme, there was a wedding party in the way, and 22 of us trying to get a symmetrical photo between two posts was nearly impossible. I did take this first one, because I am a rule follower, but I quickly moved on to get the second picture below.

Our final stop was Flagler College. The idea here was framing, but we were very short on time as we have a lunch reservation. We were able to get a few pictures before we had to leave. There was a group of us who were planning for a tour of #FlaglerCollege after lunch. More to follow of my own photowalk in St. Augustine.

And lastly here are just a few of our #omreunionfl group from the tour. It was a fun time.