Stacey 365 Project- Day 206

I find this picture amusing, not for it’s content but for the story behind it. We have a common tradition when family from out of state come to town, we take them to see alligators of course! Everyone knows Florida is known for its alligator population, and our out-of-town guests always want to see them. Of course we know a place that you are guaranteed to see them, and that is at Paynes Prairie’s La Chua Trail. We always enjoy seeing the alligators too, contrary to popular believe alligators are not just meandering along Florida streets. However, from the time I was in about 3rd grade I have been told that there are wild horses, and Bison in the prairie, but until a few months ago I had NEVER seen either one. I was so excited the first time I saw the wild horses, in over 30 years of coming to the prairie I had never seen them!

So, here we are with family visiting from Minnesota, looking for alligators, and we see the wild horses! I’m so excited, this is only the second time I have EVER seen them, and if you notice there is a foal too! The Minnesota family…not as excited. You see they own horses, and they have not been to the prairie a BAZILLION times without seeing these guys. As a local, who has never seen them you begin to think it is a myth that they even exist, but they DO exist and here is proof. I feel like I have captured a photo of alien existence, or the Loch Ness Monster. And the Minnesota family, are like eh. But it is all good, we took them to see the alligators and they got to see them, and the trip was made all that more exciting  for us to see the wild horses right on the trail.