Stacey’s 365 Project- Day 112

It was a field trip of epic proportions, o.k. maybe that is a little exaggerated…So it went like this…My mom’s sheltie, Sebastian, passed away last week, she knew it was coming and had started researching what dog she wanted next. My mom has always liked fluffy dogs, she thinks they are like living teddy bears, and this new dog will be no different. She set her heart on a Bernese Mountain dog, and the only one available at a reasonable price was in Ohio…that’s quite a drive from Florida. Turns out the breeder has a courier that would bring him half way, so we planned a field trip (we=My mom, sister and I) to NC! Turns out the courier had another dog to deliver to South Carolina, so he said he could meet us there instead. Now our field trip was to South Carolina. We were surprised when Mom said we would ride up get the dog, and come straight back home. It is doable, but… My sister asked if this is really the plan, and Mom said we could stop and see her friend Carol, or Granny and Grandaddy. Immediately my sister said Granny and Grandaddy (no offense to Carol), but she had ulterior motives which turned out to be the time I joined the doggy field trip.

We have not seen our Granny and Grandaddy (who are actually not even related by blood to us, but have always just been Granny and Grandaddy) since they moved away from Florida. We were both excited to see them, but we both also had other plans. My sister has recently started a new business called My Life Keepers, in which she helps elderly people and busy professionals with their finances. She can help them pay their bills, track where their money is going, get ready for tax season etc. But she is still working on getting her website and brochures ready, and needed a willing elderly couple to pose for pictures, this is where Granny and Grandaddy came in for her. THEN, I have been planning my own project, not a business, just a documentation of our Veterans. My Grandaddy is a WWII Vet and I wanted him to be my first muse. We are hoping to get those pictures tomorrow.

So, we headed up to South Carolina, stopping first to get Mom’s new dog. He has no name yet…There have been many suggestions…but no name. After picking him up, we went to Granny and Grandaddy’s where we hope to have multiple photo sessions. Here is Mom and her new Bernese Mountain Dog, who is only 3 months old…