Stacey’s 365 Project- Day 123

I finally have a bicycle rider! My little one, the strong willed (they are actually both strong willed) child who marches to the beat of her own drum, was asked by her cousin to bring her bike to a family get together. The get together was in the country, on 5 acres none of which is paved. So I told her we could not have the training wheels out there because they would just stick in the grass. Once she got there her cousin (the same age) asked her to ride, he had learned how earlier that week…So my cousin worked with her, and amazingly in no time she was riding! Now that we are back home, she doesn’t want to stop. I’m glad she had that little bit of competition with her cousin to encourage her to keep trying, and that my cousin has more patience than I do to keep working with her and get her riding on two wheels!