Stacey’s 365 Project- Day 37

Today is my youngest daughter’s first Father/Daughter dance. She has been looking forward to this all week. She has had the dress since Christmas, and has been planning her nails, hair and shoes all week. Tonight after she got ready, she was “primping” in the mirror and I was watching when she realized I was watching she said “Do I look perfect?” I told her she definitely looked perfect and helped her get her jacket on. Then she wanted to see how she looked with the jacket on and she said “I look SO grown up, but I am so little”. This is the first time that she has gotten so dressed up, and for my little tom boy she was so proud of how pretty she was. Unfortunately the weather was yucky today, so I couldn’t take pictures outside and I don’t have a studio…yet…so this is the best I could get before they left.