Stacey’s 365 Project- Day 44

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this picture makes me. It is a very long story about my grandma passing away, the economy being not that great, renting her house only to have the renters destroy it, and a year of remodeling to get it sellable once more. I won’t go into many details, but I have been helping my dad, who lives in another town remodel his mothers house (I’ll post another blog about that with before and after photos at a later date), Just about everything in this picture is new. I sanded down the dated cabinets, and painted them with this beautiful calming blue grey, we put in new counter-tops, and added a backsplash to bring this 1980’s era house into 2016, we replaced the lightening, the floors, the sink, painted the walls and got new appliances. This house “smells like new construction” I’ve worked new construction so trust me when I say that.

The kitchen wasn’t the only thing we changed, it is however the biggest improvement of the home. The exterior has been completely repainted, the roof is new, the floors in the rest of the house have been redone, as well as all the base boards, the bathroom has a new tub, shower enclosure, sink and cabinet, and paint. As I said I will do another post with more pictures to come, but the fact that this will go on the market this week, and will be in an open house next weekend, make me a happy camper.