Stacey’s 365 Project- Day 53

This is my baby girl with her blankey. If anyone understands the connection with a blankey it is me. I still sleep with one, I had my original blankey that was given to me before I was born until after I was married. Then it started getting very fragile so I swapped it out for another. I will likely frame the original. Honestly though, I have a hard time getting rid of any blanket. There is just something comforting, and warm and cozy about a blanket and I would never take the blankets from either of my girls, we are all blankey girls and I am perfectly fine with that. The one my daughter has here was given to her (actually two of them) from my grandma, her great-grandma when she was born and she loves them. Of course I do too since they are from my grandma, and since she has such an attachment to them too.